Thursday, August 23, 2012


rare things

                                     Rare Things 
Showing compassion.
Modestly dressed women.
Someone who can resist temptation.
Showing mercy.
Showing kindness.
Helping the elderly.
Saying thank you.
Showing charity.
Low crime rate.

Honoring parents.
Thinking of others.
Not doing birth control.
Courting your spouse before you marry them.
Living your life for God and not yourself.
Not committing adultery.
Having big families. 
Stay at home moms.
Family friendly movies.
Polite employes.
Honest Bosses. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


migrating air fish
 This is a story about a place under water where people and fish live  together.  Every year the fish migrate to lay their eggs, and then travel back three weeks later to live amongst the people again. For generations these fish have been migrating back and forth. On migration day all of the people gather to watch the spectacular sight of all the millions of fish migrating together all at once. But on this particular migrating day when the fish leave to lay their eggs three weeks pass, and there's no sign of the fish. The people aren't worried because the fish have been known to return two or three days after three weeks, but when four days pass after the three weeks are up, the people start to wonder what happened to all the fish. The people start to worry that if the fish are gone that they will be attacked by the sharks, squids, snapping turtles, and electric eels that live near by. 
   The people begin to argue about what they should do to get the fish back. During the two weeks that pass the people have gotten attacked by the eels, snapper turtles, and squids. Finally a young man stands up and tells the people that they need to go in search of the fish. After several complaints they decide to all go and search for  the fish. It takes them three months to find the fish, but, they do find them and a new wonderful place to live where their isn't any predators for them to worry about.


 The nine hundred thousand people decided to out west in wagons to find good land so they could plant fruits and vegetables and live peacefully. But a long the way they got attacked by Indianans,  bit by poisonous snakes, and killed by panthers and bears. By the time they picked out land there was only a hundred left, and a long and brutal winter was coming in two months.They knew that they wouldn't have enough time to get ready for winter, because they hadn't built houses yet, and they knew that their food wouldn't last very long. 
   No one knows if  the one hundred people  that were left survived or not.  Its a mystery!


Igloo or underwater hotel?   

  I would choose the underwater hotel, because I would be able to look at all kinds of sea life. If I spent a week there I would get to experience what the characters in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea experienced while they were held by Captain Nemo in the Nautilus.
I wouldn't want to leave this hotel after I spent a week there, I think I would have to live there for the rest of my life, but only if my family would live there with me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


         One Foot Ashore by Jacqueline Greene 
One Foot Ashore is a compelling story about a sixteen year old Jewish girl named Marie Ben Lazar and her sister Isobel.  When they were ten and four years old they were kidnapped by the Portuguese Inquisition and taken to Brazil to work at the monastery's farms for six years. After six years Marie comes up with a deceptively simple plan to find their parents.
    Her plan was for her and her sister to board two separate ships and sail as stowaways to Amsterdam,  then when they got to Amsterdam they would look for their parents. Isobel didn't want to separate, but Marie was unflinching in her decision, but when Marie spends a week alone in hiding she fully realizes why Isobel was afraid to separate. 
    Finally the ship arrives in Amsterdam, and Marie becomes poignant because she remembers that she doesn't speak this country's language, she doesn't know where to turn to and doesn't have any money either. While she's trying to figure out what to do she gets into trouble and gets put in jail. While she is in jail a stranger comes and talks to the jailers and then asks Marie in Portuguese who she is and where she is from. Marie tells him who she is and the stranger pays her bail and gestures for her to follow him home and hands her a package to carry.  
    Gripping the package in one hand she picks up the bundle she brought and follows the stranger home.  As she walks with this stranger she tries to figure out why he is wanting her to follow him home.But all at once she realizes that this stranger wants to help her. This is a riveting and powerful story that girls will really like.