Thursday, February 28, 2013

leaf feelings, cross posted at Big Universe

      I am not excited at about falling off of my spot on this tree. 
Why? Because as soon as I fall I will be blown off by the wind, or
stomped all over by uncaring people and animals. I will probably get peed on as well, and get rained on. Why does this have to happen to me? I've done nothing to deserve this harsh treatment! The other leaves tell me that I should be happy the time I have left before I fall. They tell me that I should apologize to anyone I've been mean to, and forgive those who have been mean to me too. All of this I will do before the weeks are up, but I am not happy that I will be falling soon. I've wondered who created this terrible time of year, until a friend of mine told me that the one who created this time of year is Yehovah, who is the creator of the universe!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

      My perfect lair would be an under water house. My house would be in the pacific ocean, and only I would know the exact location. I would go to my lair to have peace and quiet, and do my writing there. I might show my lair to my brother Dylan, but only if he would promise not to tell anyone else about my secret lair. I would go to my secret lair during my free time, and on the week ends.I think I would show my lair to my two best friends also. My lair would have one bedroom, a big library, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, an indoor swimming pool, a dark room, for my photography, a room full of yarn, and an inventing room. To get to my secret lair I would have to open a door into my closet, step in, then hop on a moped and drive to the end of the tunnel, then type in a password, step through a sliding  glass door and walk right into my secret lair. This would be my dream lair.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

time-traveling history detective, from a set of Common Core aligned history prompts I put together.

     The first event in history I would go investigate would be why the children of Israel had a hard time trusting Yehovah to take care of them. I would investigate this one, because the children of Israel were able to hear Yehovah speak to them, and they got to experience and witness such wonderful miracles, but they still had trouble trusting in Yehovah, and complained against Him.  I would hope to not only figure out, but learn to understand why the children of Israel had such a hard time trusting in Yehovah.