Thursday, September 13, 2012


sliding doors
     If I could change one thing from my past it would be all the terrible out bursts I've had at my parents. I think if I wouldn't have had all those out bursts that I wouldn't have had to have all the extreme punishments I've gotten and have to deal with my parents and brothers reminding me of all my outbursts. My life certainly would have been allot better, but through all of these outbursts I've gradually learned how to control my anger, and to take Saint John's Wort three times a day. Saint John's Wort works really great, it makes my really happy, my family is also happy when I take it!

rules + duties for being __
Here’s a link to Brain Pickings, which you should be reading.
    Rules + Duties for being 18

1. Always appreciate my family.
 2. Find a job.
 3. Help around the house.
 4. Be a good influence on siblings.
 5. Be reverent to my Parents.
 6. Have fun with my family.
 7. Spend time with my Heavenly Father.
 8. Learn to cook & clean.
 9. Don't worry about anything.
10. Find a husband.

uncorking memories
 The memory I would bottle up would be when we used to go to Buccaneer Bay in Florida . Buccaneer Bay is a little water park that my family and friends and I would go to allot during the summer. My friends and brothers and I loved going down the water slides and swimming in the pool.  Sometimes we would try to break each others records, by going down the slides so many times or holding our breaths under the water. Those times were so much fun!

 I think I would open that bottle every day. 
from the archives: writing prompt #327
“He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed.”

 After an hour he was half way up the cliff, even though he was a strong young man, he struggled to reach the top. He often lost his grip, but quickly regained his hold. After an other hour he reached the tricky part of the cliff. This part of the cliff was mostly flat and very difficult for any one to get a grip. At this part Seth had to untie himself from his rope and free-climb the rest of the way up the cliff. It was very difficult for him to get a good grip, and there wasn't very many  small crevasses  for him to put his hands in. Multiple times Seth almost fell, but regained his hold. After an other hour he had eighty feet left to climb. A little voice in Seth's head began to tell him that he wouldn't make it, that he would fall and no one would be there to save him. Seth tried to ignore these thoughts, but it was almost impossible to ignore those thoughts. He was trying so hard to block out those thoughts that his right hand almost slipped from the crevasses his hand was in. But he quickly regained his hold again. Seth's arms and legs were getting very tired, he tried to rest for a few minutes but his feet almost slipped from the small crevasses that were barely holding him. He knew he was almost to the top, but he didn't know if he could make it.Seth desperately climbed faster and faster till he was just a foot away from the top. He continued to climb fast until he was able to put his right hand on the edge and then put his other hand on the edge and slowly pulled himself up. By this time Seth barely had any strength left, but he had to keep pulling himself up to the top so he could rest. Finally he was on top of the cliff, and he just laid there not moving, unable to believe that he, Seth Hayden had made it to the top of the cliff behind the cloud!


Youtube in 1912?   
 They would be posting videos of the World series, the sinking of the Titanic, New Mexico and Arizona becoming states, and Juliette Gordon Low founding girl scouts.

instructions for revolution

        Instructions for Overcoming A Tyrannical                    Government in the 21 Century
    If you want to avoid having a tyrannical government you need to first make sure to pick good,  christian leaders. Then write down a list of rules and regulations for the people, and leaders to follow, and a list of freedoms that they are allowed. Then give the leaders  very little power so that they will not be able to force the people to do anything that the people do not like or want to do.                           
        When the leaders want to pass a law or regulation, they should tell the people about it and ask them if they want that law or regulation to be passed. The leaders should be expected to follow the rules and regulations, and if they would not  they would be evoked from office. The leaders would be more involved with their country instead of the other countries. And most importantly the leaders would have to listen to the people and do whatever the people asked.

the start of the school year

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 This is a fictional story about a bad start to a new school year.
      On the first day of school I wore a uniform to school instead of regular clothes, and all the teenagers laughed at me. Then at lunch I dropped my tray of food on the most  popular girl in school, which led to a slapping fight. But then a teacher came and sent us to the principal's office, where we got detention after school. All through school the other teenagers made fun of me and talked about me throughout the day and while I rode the bus home. When I got home from school my parents yelled at me for being late and for getting into a fight, on the first day of school. I ended up getting grounded for a week. When I went to bed that night after I did my homework, I told myself that today was a great way to start a new school year.

Who gets which mug?
(I think the clichéd-yet-classic “who would you have for coffee?” question is pretty boring, but I think the coffee mug question is both important and interesting.)
 I would invite  Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Jane Austen, over for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. We would talk about writing novels, with gripping details. Suzanne would get the Element of Surprise mug, Veronica would get the Keep Calm and Dance on mug, and Jane would get the I found this Humerus mug.