Monday, November 12, 2012

gender swap
       Once upon a time there lived a tall boy named Jack Red.He was called Jack Red because he wore a red jacket every day. One day Jack Red's mother gave  him a big basket of goodies.Please take these goodies to his grandmother.Who isn't feeling well.  "Okay, sure mom" Red Jack said and ran outside with the basket  swinging side to side. "Jack, remember not to go into the Mysterious Forrest!" His mother hollered after him.
   Soon after Jack left his cottage he came upon the Mysterious Forrest and then stopped. "Should I go through the Mysterious Forrest?" Jack asked himself, because his mother had often told him not to go through the Mysterious Forrest. "If I don't go through the Forrest, It will take me longer to get to grandmother's house." He thought unsure of what he should do. "I'll take the short cut." Jack decided. As he walked through the forrest he wondered why his mother had told him to never go into the Forrest? "There's nothing to be afraid of!" Jack said out loud. Jack began to run through the Forrest to get to his grandmothers house faster. Then all of a sudden he saw a huge wolf come out of some bushes. Jack began to walk slowly, but the wolf began to sprinting toward him. Then all of a sudden the wolf grabbed the basket of goodies and ran away from Jack Red. After the wolf left, Jack realized what had happened and started to scream as he ran all the way home. When he got home he told his mother what had happened,then his mother grounded him for a month and made him cook more food for his grandmother and bring it to her the long way.

                                              The End


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