Wednesday, March 13, 2013

motorcycle escape

 The American girl  trying to save christian children from Arabs.                I the narrator, will tell you this amazing story.

    This wealthy American girl grew up feeling sorry for all the young christian children in Afghanistan. After she turned twenty, she decided to use her wealth to save the young christian children, despite her parents objection. All of her missions have been successful up until this mission you see here in this picture.  Her and the child jump onto her motorcycle, but just as she starts the motorcycle an Arab kicks the child off the motorcycle! The child screams as he hits the ground loud enough for the American  girl to see him fall off, and quickly reach down and grab the boy, pull him on the motorcycle and take off for her helicopter that is hidden  behind a rocky mountain. On her way to her helicopter the American girl looks over her shoulder to see if the Arabs are following her, and she sees the Arabs following her on the fastest stallions she had ever seen! The girl quickly shifts in fourth gear, and zooms off to her helicopter way ahead of her. As soon as she reaches her helicopter she slams the brakes to a stop, helps the boy off the motorcycle, picks him up, and carries him into the helicopter and tells the pilot to take off. As the helicopter gains height the Arabs arrive and start to shake their fists into the sky. The American girl glances at the child, then tells her pilot proudly that they have completed another successful mission.


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