Wednesday, February 27, 2013

      My perfect lair would be an under water house. My house would be in the pacific ocean, and only I would know the exact location. I would go to my lair to have peace and quiet, and do my writing there. I might show my lair to my brother Dylan, but only if he would promise not to tell anyone else about my secret lair. I would go to my secret lair during my free time, and on the week ends.I think I would show my lair to my two best friends also. My lair would have one bedroom, a big library, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, an indoor swimming pool, a dark room, for my photography, a room full of yarn, and an inventing room. To get to my secret lair I would have to open a door into my closet, step in, then hop on a moped and drive to the end of the tunnel, then type in a password, step through a sliding  glass door and walk right into my secret lair. This would be my dream lair.

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