Thursday, September 13, 2012

from the archives: writing prompt #327
“He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed.”

 After an hour he was half way up the cliff, even though he was a strong young man, he struggled to reach the top. He often lost his grip, but quickly regained his hold. After an other hour he reached the tricky part of the cliff. This part of the cliff was mostly flat and very difficult for any one to get a grip. At this part Seth had to untie himself from his rope and free-climb the rest of the way up the cliff. It was very difficult for him to get a good grip, and there wasn't very many  small crevasses  for him to put his hands in. Multiple times Seth almost fell, but regained his hold. After an other hour he had eighty feet left to climb. A little voice in Seth's head began to tell him that he wouldn't make it, that he would fall and no one would be there to save him. Seth tried to ignore these thoughts, but it was almost impossible to ignore those thoughts. He was trying so hard to block out those thoughts that his right hand almost slipped from the crevasses his hand was in. But he quickly regained his hold again. Seth's arms and legs were getting very tired, he tried to rest for a few minutes but his feet almost slipped from the small crevasses that were barely holding him. He knew he was almost to the top, but he didn't know if he could make it.Seth desperately climbed faster and faster till he was just a foot away from the top. He continued to climb fast until he was able to put his right hand on the edge and then put his other hand on the edge and slowly pulled himself up. By this time Seth barely had any strength left, but he had to keep pulling himself up to the top so he could rest. Finally he was on top of the cliff, and he just laid there not moving, unable to believe that he, Seth Hayden had made it to the top of the cliff behind the cloud!

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