Thursday, September 13, 2012


instructions for revolution

        Instructions for Overcoming A Tyrannical                    Government in the 21 Century
    If you want to avoid having a tyrannical government you need to first make sure to pick good,  christian leaders. Then write down a list of rules and regulations for the people, and leaders to follow, and a list of freedoms that they are allowed. Then give the leaders  very little power so that they will not be able to force the people to do anything that the people do not like or want to do.                           
        When the leaders want to pass a law or regulation, they should tell the people about it and ask them if they want that law or regulation to be passed. The leaders should be expected to follow the rules and regulations, and if they would not  they would be evoked from office. The leaders would be more involved with their country instead of the other countries. And most importantly the leaders would have to listen to the people and do whatever the people asked.

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